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Vanda Beauty Counselor is a world leader in skin and beauty care for women of all ages! We provide incomparable skin care and cosmetics based on over 75 years of research and development in our own laboratories. To help you counteract the adverse effects on skin from the environment and the passage of time, we offer innovative products made with only the finest ingredients available. The nonexistence of retail expenses allows our Counselor's the luxury of offering you quality products at unmatched values - all with an unconditional, money back guarantee. Discover Vanda Beauty Counselor; available exclusively through your Vanda representative.




Hello! I'm Cindy Trostle. I have been a Vanda Beauty Counselor for 35+ years. My personalized service as a Vanda Distributor has provided my clients the welcomed convenience of obtaining one of the finest skin care and cosmetic lines in the industry. During this time, I have won numerous awards as a counselor, area manager and a distributor. I have accomplished this by treating every client with the attention that they deserve to address their skin care and beauty needs. I take pride in providing to my clients skin care solutions which will provide for a lifetime of care for their skin. I have a fantastic team of ladies in my distributorship that have helped make us the #1 distributorship in the Nation for 22+ years.

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Complexions are as individual as people. Each complexion has its own personality, its own chemistry and characteristics. We evaluate your skin type to determine if it is normal, dry, oily or troubled. Once ascertained, we can select the various Vanda products to address your skin condition and to put together a skin care solution that is adapted to your complexion. In addition to our normal product line we have some specialty products such as Resplenda® which is formulated for specific purposes and the Complexa® line which is formulated to address problem skin types.

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